Watch instagram stories anonymously - enter username to watch the stories

About us
You’re completely anonymous to other users, the personal data isn’t stored or delivered
No registration
You are free to use instaCheck without registration or your Instagram account logging / The use of the service does not require any registration or login credentials (login and password) of your Instagram account
Absolutely free to use, no request limit
Insert the username or link and tap "Search"
Get anonymous access to the user content
Save the profile to favourites to get a quick access
The user can’t see your real username in the story views, he or she sees the fake one instead
The owner of the profile will never ever know who watched his or her stories / You remain totally incognito
Frequently asked questions
Can the user find out that I watched his or her stories if I use InstaCheck?
No. The user only sees a fake account.
Do I need to sign in to watch stories anonymously?
No registration or payment is required.
How can I see the users, who watched my stories?
You need to open your story and swipe it up. Now you see all the viewers of your story.
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